A gambling addiction, a realistic story

    A gambling addiction, a realistic story

    A gambling addiction can just happen to you. Some researchers believe that gambling addiction may be genetic. The chemical dopamine, which can be found in your brain, seems to contribute to the stimulation of addictions, including gambling addiction. In this article you can read the story of Johan de Vries, gambling addiction came to see him early on. Johan de Vries found it difficult to solve this, but he succeeded. Curious about the story about Johan de Vries' gambling addiction? 

    The gambling addiction of Johan de Vries

    Johan de Vries is a 31-year-old hip and sporty man who is full of life. Yet there are some things that Johan feels a little less about because lately things have been going less well at work and this is also reflected in his private life. Johan decides to look up some entertainment online and ends up in an online casino. After a few months, Johan starts to find playing in an online casino more and more fun and it brings him the necessary distraction. After some time, Johan de Vries's gambling addiction starts to deteriorate again. Johan decides to spend hours in a real or online casino when he is not feeling well emotionally. He only feels happy when he bets a lot of money and doesn't feel very happy at all when he wins, especially not when he loses. Johan de Vries' gambling addiction starts to take on more extreme forms when he bets almost half of his bank account on red. Fortunately, Johan still wins, the bet was on red so the chance of losing everything was about 48 percent, but it is far from smart. When his family heard about this, they reported Johan de Vries to a rehab clinic. Johan de Vries' gambling addiction must be remedied, and he will not succeed on his own.

    How is Johan de Vries' gambling addiction going on

    Gambling addictions are becoming more common, and Johan can talk about that. Two years later, Johan de Vries is happily rid of his gambling addiction, but he does have tips on how to prevent gambling addiction. In this article you can read all the tips from Johan de Vries and why he still plays in an online casino. Gambling addiction has been a turning point for Johan de Vries, as he has since found a wonderful woman with whom he currently has three children. By disciplined casino games playing like online roulette and online blackjack, you can teach yourself to handle money well. In this way, you can prevent yourself from ever ending up in gambling addiction, just like Johan.

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