German Poker Bracelet Championship is in the starting blocks

    German Poker Bracelet Championship is in the starting blocks

    The German Poker Bundesliga has hosted the DBM (German Bracelet Championship) since 2008. Every year the players can prove themselves in the cities, counties, districts, and countries and fight for the respective honorary title. From the district championship onwards, there will even be the  Poker-Bundesliga championship bracelet as the main prize. In each individual league, the poker master should be determined once a year. The championships take place one after the other in the individual areas. The relevant ranking lists the winner as a champion for a year. There is a Hall of Fame within the Poker Bundesliga, in which all champions are listed.

    With us since 2008 and now the end is threatening

    The P-BL (Poker Bundesliga) is a tournament with a long tradition. Ten championships have been organized by the P-BL since 2008 and the eleventh is already in the starting blocks. This is certainly due to the high demand from the players. As of this year, Dr. Klaus Dietze is the new head of the Poker-Bundesliga and also represents MSM Sports marketing GmbH as managing director. He lives near Belgershain, in Threna, and currently, everything revolves around revoking the tournament's suspension announced by the city of Leipzig. As recently became known, an internal examination by the city had led to the assumption that Dietze had not legally obtained the tournament permit. This means that the trade license for the Poker-Bundesliga can be withdrawn. 74-year-old Dr. Klaus Dietze is still on the way to finding a solution. His attorney announced that he already has the legal challenge.
    We have always obeyed the law. The championships have long been a fixture in the calendar of events. Quite a few poker players, their families and friends might never have visited Leipzig without our tournament. Especially at the end of the year, the otherwise weakest time for hotels, poker has almost become an economic factor.
    What many of them certainly did not know, who only know Dietz from the poker world, is the fact that he managed VfB Leipzig and the Lausitzer Füchse before his retirement. After his herniated disc and heart attack, the passionate poker player just wanted to play cards and use his time to put the disreputable game back into perspective. In fact, he was involved in several lawsuits that lasted for years, which even went as far as the Federal Administrative Court, for which the tactical and strategy game was listed as a "game of a different kind". His long breath crowned him with success. All judgments are still final today.

    The gold championship bracelet can be won by anyone

    Dr. Jürgen Dietze points out that, unlike in Las Vegas, at the German championship everyone has the opportunity to win the gold championship bracelet.
    At our well-prepared German Championships in Leipzig, poker players like you and I can almost feel like they do in Las Vegas for two days. With the difference that there the entry fee is 10,000 dollars, with us 50 euros. There the winner will win eight million dollars, with us it's all about honor and fame and prizes.
    This year the DBM 2018 will be played in two preliminary rounds (heats) in freeze-out mode and the participants will start in one of the heats. Of course, the start of both heats is by no means possible. The final table then consists of two fields that are merged on day two. German Nine 2018 will of course be played and then it will be decided who will be the winner of the German poker championship this year. In addition to the master's bonus and the ranking bonus (if available), the player receives the nationwide uniform starting stack of 30,000 chips and can thus enter the tournament. If the winner is determined at the end of the two days of the tournament, he will receive the gold championship bracelet with 4 diamonds, 4 rubies and 4 sapphires occupied, presented. This bracelet is only given to the European champion, who is determined once a year in the Czech city of Rozvadov. This is where the amateurs meet annually in the King's Hotel for the European Poker Sports Championship.

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