Jackpot won! And now?

    Jackpot won! And now?

    It's not the first thing you think of when you hit the jackpot. Even if you have won the top prize in a lottery, winner guidance is not a priority for the time being. Still, it is useful, because during a euphoric mood to be put in your place for a while. Buy, buy and buy some more. That is what you prefer to do, for example, if you have won a million dollars. Enjoy exploring the MediaMarkt or the Saturn with the whole family. Oh, the luck is endless. However, some caution is warranted. Together, the large lotteries in the Netherlands make that clear. Guiding a prize winner is now more or less part of the package deal of a major prize.

    I don't need it

    That is the first reaction of many people. “I know how to handle money, I don't need guidance.” For some, it certainly will. However, it will not be the first time that 'new' millionaires cannot cope with their sudden wealth. One actually buys an audio shop empty, the other suddenly decide to go into real estate. It can all go well, but it is clear that there are risks involved. The first tip from the facilitators is: “Don't tell everyone how much you've won.” Of course, it is best to report to your immediate family how much money you have won. But leave it at that. The more you trumpet it, the more vultures will come at you.

    Proper guidance helpful

    After winning at least a few hundred thousand, you automatically come into contact with tax specialists and advisors who provide you with all kinds of useful tips and information. For example, it is discussed whether stopping work earlier is a serious option. After all, I think it would be great to hang up your work gloves at 55. Don't you want that and are you a workaholic? Then we look at other ways to safely put away or spend your won money. With the right guidance, it should be prevented that the money is spent on the wrong things, not everything is given away to all kinds of charities, and vultures with the wrong intentions stay at a distance.

    Huge impact

    It should be clear that winning a large amount of money has a huge impact on your life. It's hard to imagine, but especially mentally a lot changes. How about the following. For years you have worked towards being successful in your career. You've made one promotion after another on the case. This makes it possible for you to live detached and in reasonable luxury. You enjoy it precisely because it is a result of hard work and thorough career planning. It is a beautiful and satisfying feeling. What would it be like if that feeling of satisfaction completely disappears? Because that is the case if you do have the same financial resources, but you don't have to do anything more for them. The drive and purpose in life have suddenly disappeared. Why should you still make a career? Why work at all? Some guidance seems desirable in this regard.

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