US casinos rely on security robots

    US casinos rely on security robots

    Digital change is now also reaching gaming libraries

    The digital change has progressed drastically in recent years, which is why the gaming sector in particular was able to experience a great revolution. Game libraries got a lot of competition from online casinos, which can be reached anytime and anywhere. The basic requirement for this is an end device in the form of a PC, laptop, or smartphone and an Internet connection. This means that gamblers can quickly pull out their mobile phone and play their luck without any effort. A time-consuming trip to the game library is no longer necessary. That said, casino employees don't have to worry about their jobs right now. Offline casinos are increasingly relying on software-based helpers, but nobody is being replaced. For this reason, the Graton Resort and Casino in California decided to increase its own security level in the casino by adding security robots to the security team. They are designed to recognize dangers and offer many other useful functions. Nevertheless, they are dependent on the help and use of people.

    Backup and patrols for higher protection

    The safety of customers and employees should be guaranteed in the casinos, which is why there has been an increase in the number of security personnel in recent years. One of the main reasons was certainly the rampage at Mandalay Bay Casino, which took place in October 2017. There, an assassin from his hotel room in Las Vegas killed 58 people while injuring hundreds. For this reason, security has become more and more important in the past. More and more casinos are now using digital surveillance methods, which is why the Graton Resort and Casino is now using the Knightscope. The robot, which looks very similar to the Star Wars robot R2-D2, is to patrol the outer area of ​​the property as well as in the parking garage in the future. For this, the Graton Resort and Casino has bought 5 devices from the K5 series. The manufacturer has already announced that the Knightscope will support the security staff in their activities, which will enable guests to visit without hesitation. Lego R2D2 as a symbol for the Knightscope robot of the K5 series.

    What can the Knightscope do - the features

    The Knightscope robot itself is equipped with several different cameras, which enable it to scan the entire environment with a 360-degree view. As a result, it is particularly well suited for larger and free areas. In addition, the Knightscope was equipped with a thermal imaging camera, which guarantees him a view even in the dark. If the robot notices something suspicious during its patrol, it informs the control center independently and immediately. In addition, the staff receives a message so that the right employees can assess the situation again for themselves. The K5 robot also has an emergency call button, which can be activated at any time, including by casino visitors. This means that help can be requested quickly and inconspicuously if necessary. The Graton Resort and Casino is not the only arcade that relies on the use of the K5 robot. Rather, The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno Nevada also works with the Knightscope provider. While more and more casinos will rely on robots to support security personnel in the future, they don't have to worry. The robots themselves can only patrol a certain area autonomously. In addition, it is definitely an advantage if the areas are largely free, which is why the patrol robots are not yet intended for use in the interior. For this reason, employees in the security area do not have to worry about their jobs, as they will also be needed in the future. Nevertheless, the use of robots will certainly increase in the future, which is why we are already looking forward to the new models.

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