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If you play on line casinos, it�s likely that you’ve seen the name Curacao sooner or later, and you may likewise have wondered where exactly Curacao is and what it is because of casinos?

Curacao is among numerous islands in what used to be called the Netherlands Antilles, until its dissolution this year. You'll find it on a map not remote the coast of Venezuela, next to Aruba. It might geographically small, but Curacao has become a significant player in the internet casino world. This speck on the map is in fact home to one of the casino industry’s oldest regulatory bodies, that's been operating considering that the start of on the web revolution.

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History of the Curacao License Authority

Curaçao was one of the first territories to supply online casino licences, in 1993, a year before Antigua, joined the gambling industry. But it wasn’t until 1996 that the island started to make a mark with the format...

ion of the e-Gaming License Authority.

As on line gaming became ever more popular, Curacao updated their regulatory structure, handing the obligation for regulating on line gambling to the e-Gaming License Authority in 2002. At exactly the same time the Curacao Internet Gaming Association was made to ensure that all gaming operations on the basis of the island follow the rules and directions on operating a responsibility business and protecting players. The e-Gaming License Authority is now known simply as Curacao egaming.

Curacao Regulation

A number of online casino companies which will be recognized to Australia players have chosen to license their operations through Curacao since it offers a number of the world’s most favourable tax laws as well as a fairly quick and inexpensive licensing pr...

ocess. The island levies a tax of only 2 percent on profits and will not make it difficult for new businesses to begin to work within the Curacao jurisdiction.

The island also interests operators as a result of the simplicity of its gambling laws. Gambling businesses don’t need to apply for separate licenses for various activities. Whether or not they intend to run an online casino, sportsbook, or mix of both, operators are just necessary to obtain one license. As well as the licensing service, Curacao eGaming now offers technical and financial support for on line gambling businesses, including help with administration, private cloud servers and dedicated services.


The process of finding a license from Curacao eGaming is a lot more straightforward than for many of the world’s other major licensing bodies, including the UK Gambling Commission or the authorities of Gibraltar or Malta. Whereas the fees for applyi...

ng for licenses in certain of the stricter jurisdictions can come across thousands and thousands of dollars, a Curacao eGaming master gaming license can be had for approximately $34, 000 in set-up fees followed closely by a monthly fee of $5, 600 for the first couple of years. After this initial period, operators are allowed to negotiate their own deal with the Curacao authorities.

Any operator that obtains a master licence may then grant sub-licenses to other operators, although the master licence holder will be held responsible for all of the activities of the sub-license holders. Some companies specialise in obtaining master licenses and then supplying a range of packages including business licences, sub-licences, and hosting. Consequently, it can be difficult to determine whether a certain online operator holds a master licence, sub-licence or has any other kind of status with Curacao eGaming.


It would be fair to state that Curacao does not have the very best reputation in terms of the regulation of the internet gambling companies operating within its jurisdiction. In comparison to almost every other well-known jurisdictions, the barriers to entry in Cur...

acao are incredibly low. Virtually any organization or individual with adequate finance to pay the license fees and a reasonably legitimate online site will get through the vetting process.

For this reason, Australia players are usually advised to be skeptical of using casinos which can be licensed in Curacao, as the license itself carries less weight than those issued by more respected authorities. It is not unusual for Curacao-licensed casinos to disappear with players’ money or take part in other disreputable practices. And since Curacao eGaming has really not had an insurance policy of intervening when it comes to disputes, players who use their licensed casinos are relatively unprotected in case of any problems. It really is notable that, unlike a number of other jurisdictions in the Caribbean, Curacao is omitted from the united kingdom Gambling Commission’s White Set of trusted, reliable regulatory authorities.

That doesn't signify you can’t trust any casino licensed in Curacao. There are many reputable and well-run casinos working under their jurisdiction. Nevertheless the most readily useful method of Curacao-based sites is always to try to find alternative methods to verify their reputation, perhaps by searching for player reviews. Unlike a license from Malta, Gibraltar or great britain, a license from Curacao doesn't automatically indicate that the website is reputable.

Signs of Improvement

It is also fair to note that Curaçao eGaming have already been making attempts recently to boost their less than perfect reputation. That is due partly to the feedback of clients and reviewers, but is also right down to the actual fact that the isl...

ands officially became a constituent part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands at that time that holland Antilles were dissolved in October 2010. This appears to have produced additional pressure on Curacao eGaming which is likely that their regulatory framework will be tightened in years into the future.


Curacao eGaming offers a business-friendly environment for online casino operators, but regrettably this does not crossover in to offering an equally friendly jurisdiction for players. That doesn't signify Australia online gamers should avoid Cu...

racao-licensed casinos, nonetheless it does signify, for the short term at least, you should take care before playing at among these sites and seek additional reassurance that the operator is legitimate.

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