Treasure Island casino in GAN partnership

Among the flagship Vegas casino resorts, Treasure Island has secured a partnership with on the web gambling computer software provider GAN so that it can provide on line casino services to its guests and customers.

The news comes as the agreement clarified that Treasure Island should be able to benefit from GAN’s expertise in the market, with the program provider being especially accomplished at creating integrated simulated gaming platforms.

Consequently, the website will be powered by GANs revolutionary Gamestack pc software, that will be integrated into more than 500 games, which have turned out to be a significant success as a result of this.

How this can benefit Treasure Island

Arguably being perhaps one of the most prestigious resorts on the Vegas strip, Treasure Island is already dramatically popular. However , now with GAN’s expertise and the numerous advantages that they can provide Treasure Island could be notably beneficial.

Utilising clever pc software, this will enable Treasure Island to have the ability to participate in clever marketing and branding activity on the web, making use of their already vast database of customers.

This allows Treasure Island to activate in clever cross marketing practices, due to the data that they already have on current customers and thus, manage to synchronise this and supply better service.

In addition , should the site become specially popular it indicates they can attract customers from other states, where on the web gambling is legalised.

Director of Slots Marketing at Treasure Island, Pascal Tang was specially optimistic about any of it ambitious move from the organization indicating that will provide Treasure Island with the opportunity in which to stay touch and engage with current customers, by providing them with a sophisticated and unique on line experience. He also alluded to the actual fact that it is an effective way for customers to keep knowledgeable about their favourite games, because of them being available on the web following this recent deal with GAN.

Encouraging for GAN

This represents an important deal for GAN, who've had a significant last 12 months with regards to the deals that they have done. Recently they consented to a handle the Soaring Eagle Casino resort in the state of Michigan in the thing that was the same agreement to one that they've agreed with Treasure Island.

Indeed, it could be argued that latest deal, is their most pertinent, because of the fact that it's their first partnership with a casino on the prominent Las Vegas strip.

GAN has been shown to be a force to be reckoned with in the web gambling industry and thus are showing that they'll be relied upon to create and develop highly successful on line brands.

Great News for customers

For anyone loyal Treasure Island guests, this represents an incredible chance for them to keep attached to their favourite casino resort. Because of this, they are able to make use of the Treasure Island slots, via their new GAN developed website.

It also implies that Treasure Island can still benefit financially, due to the revenue that's possible from having an on the web casino. Additionally , they will be able to have numerous players using one slot, which means this can only just stay positive news for clients.

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